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This specific hidden grotto doesn't regenerate

Ok, so I was hunting Deltas and I got the point to catch delta Chinchou. Then I go to the HG in Cortisol Road and it’s empty.
I’m pretty sure that more than 12h have passed since my last check, so I come here and start typing when I see in the similar topics list that it’s not a new bug.
Now, I have modified my pc clock once (for a non-HG related thing) and other grottos appear to be fine. Any idea?

Sadly once a hidden grotto is broken, it’s kinda unfixable (I know from experience and also from asking a whole bunch of people, devs included). The most common alternative for getting the mons/items in that grotto is trading for the d, chinchou (if you’re willing to give an IV stone/rare candy I could get you one :))).

That’s interesting that the rest of the grottoes worked when you changed ur PC clock, as most of them time it actually ruins all the time related activities (HGs, lotto, pokepon, etc). I would recommend not messing with it again as it will very likely break everything :3.

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Yeah, lottery and other grottos I have no issues, Poképon I haven’t tried yet since I found this bug but I used it after I changed the time and I had no problems neither.

I have plenty of rare candies, I basically never use them!

Well, at least you still have them! And sure if you’re good for the rare candy, I’ll lyk when i got ur chinchou :))
(also sry man, but that’s not a nice grotto to lose, it’s the main source of dream mists before the battle tower O_o)

Thank you!! And don’t worry, I’ve almost completed the game xD I still need to collect deltas, defeat the devs (and catch the lake guardians) and then catch Missigno. Then I believe I’ve done it all.

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