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THIS IS MY 2ND INTRO (revised from the 1st)

hi, im Kota (formerly known as kiri) i was born on april 8th (easter that year).im asexual (ig). i have adhd, bipolor, Oppositional defiant disorder and some other shiz. i liked pokemon since kanto (even tho i wasn’t born when red and blue came out. as most know i am the biggest weeb on earth (i think).i tried cosplay once, its “Cool”. i mostly just chill and play video games all day. i like skate boarding even though all i can do is ollie. i don’t really have friends so im very lonely and was bullied a lot which led me to be the edgy kid i am.
i don’t think im nice, i think i am a passive aggressive person. as a kid i lived in the suburbs and then moved a lot. and thats really it, i don’t know what else to say bc im boring and don’t really have an interesting life.

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sounds a lot like my life ngl.except i prob dont game as much or go outside bc covid’s a thing

Oh daaaaaaaaaaaaaang that shit’s loooong

Honestly, I should update my intro too. It’s been a year

dumby long