Things you can't stand

tell me some things you can’t stand
here are some of mine:

  1. the word “bestie”
    i absolutely HATE it.
  2. ppl that the same pfp as me
  3. relationships
    love sucks @$$
  4. annoying children
    " i woke up chris breezy" slap
  5. attention seekers
    just no.
  6. straight tik tok
    tbh its @$$ too

etc etc

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why bring up relationships

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bc its smt i can’t stand

Humans. No exceptions.



thank goodness im not a human

wait. @Steelman2004 you do ur spriting on scratch? like

Yeah. Or at least, I did. Haven’t sprited in a while. Why?

bc i use scratch for music and used it once for spriting

now i just use piskel

I never cared enough to get a decent spriting app. Scratch worked, was free, and I knew how to use it. That was good enough for me.

piskel is free and if you use laptop i can give you the url

Thanks, but as I said, I’m good. I haven’t sprited since, like January. I’m way too busy and care too little.

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okay, thats fine.

  1. As Steel said as well, Humans. We are just some ignorant pieces of shit.
  2. Middle School, aka Hell.
  3. Another ignorant pieces of shit, fucking bullies. I get bullied myself for being a “nerd”, which I’m kinda the opposite of it, and for liking pokemon ,cause its a child’s game for some reason?Lmao ,and, tbh , that’s annoying. Don’t give a shit about them though
    There’s no reason to
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You copied me not once, but twice. I don’t know whether to be honored or annoyed about that. I was the original person to say that Middle School was also known as Hell on the Forums. Also, pretty sure “bullies” fit into “humanity.”

  1. I count bullies outside of humanity, cause they ain’t people. They are some huge pieces of crap.
  2. Yeah, I copied that. xD
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Guess that makes sense, but in my opinion it’s a greater insult to be human than a piece of poop.



Kek that’s true.