There's No Chance of Insurgence Being Shut Down, Is There?

I don’t want to think that there is, and most of the time, fan-games aren’t shut down. But considering that Uranium had maybe a week between its full release and being taken down (officially at least), the thought, of course, plagued my mind that Insurgence might get slapped with the same deal. I have no idea why, but considering that Uranium probably had less reason to be shut down, because they used less of Nintendo’s Pokemon, other than popularity, I can’t help but wonder.

We already have plans to deal with Download DMCA’s and according to Suze himself: both Zeta and Omicron and Insurgence had DMCA’s a long long time ago, mainly because the standards on DMCA are very loose on Mediafire or MEGA. But it cannot happen if the files are directly uploaded to our own servers.

As for other ways to prevent DMCA’s we have considered torrents, adding a button that links you directly to a google search for a download. We have plans and there is mostly no need to worry.

Alright, that’s good to hear. I know that with Uranium, they’re keeping things going with the built in patcher, so there’s no reason to worry if you already have it, but it would kind of stink if after everyone playing the game waiting after the battle with Taen would just be stuck there if Insurgence got the boot before 1.2 was uploaded.

If Insurgence is gonna get the boot, it’s either should’ve happened a long time ago or will happen sometime after 1.2, you’ll get time to play the game before anything happens though :slight_smile:

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3 years later all Pokemon fan games have been shutdown except for insurgence. Then game freak asks to make insurgence a 3d game on the new nintendo switch X or something.