Theory About You, the Player

So one day I was like, huh, I have a pretty good theory that I can’t even say to anyone since non of my friends like Pokemon Insurgence (No offense to the community and Suze). Then I realized I made an account here. So pretty much my theory is :

What if you, the player was the First Auger. It was lurking in my mind for some time, and from there it was just a sudden thought that I thought was funny. But then flipping Second Auger said something when Damian and I were in the Jade Tower. I don’t remember all the details, but I was sure he said something that hinted at the fact that you were the First Auger. Maybe like, Second Auger : "You, Damian was an aspiring trainer, but Justin, he and I had some history. Damian : “But how?” Second Auger : “Its not like Justin would remember, would he?” I’m pretty sure it went along those lines. Maybe not exactly, but close enough.

Please tell me what you think about this theory. :joy: :sleepy:

I like this theory a lot, but it doesn’t really work in a case where the player is female. The first augur is consistently referred to as “he” throughout the game regardless of what gender you pick.

I definitely think hero’s associated with him though. :slight_smile:

Did you just ASSUME the Augur’s gender?

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You have a point there. @DoritoDoctor XD

I have had a similar theory, though I’m not far enough in the game to really find evidence either way. I’m still in Koril town

I feel like it would be a bit cliché for the player to be the First Augur. My theory is that the player is the First Augur’s son/daughter and was in line to be Second Augur, but Jaern was the First Augur’s second-in-command and he believed that he should become the Second Augur, so he got rid of the player and wiped their memories so he could become the Second Augur.

Long…live…the Auger!

While I was reading @am321ab 's post, it reminded me of the lion king and scar’s thirst for power :stuck_out_tongue:

XD It reminded me as well.