The ultimate sparkly journey

So, this is a very very amazing journey. We are pokemon trainers and what do pokemon trainers aim for? TO BE THE VERY BEST!!! So, how about a Pokemon journey? A very cool one to be specific. I want to start something. So I propose, A SHINYLOCKE!!! So I have a fangame. Pokemon Reborn. The odds in that game are 1/95 . Here is what we will do. All of us start of at the same place. But this, will not be a soul link. A normal Shinylocke. After every gym, You will shiny hunt. If you want to, you can Sr for your starter. If you do you will have 9 pokemon. And every mon gets 3 lives. Who’s up??

umm wd you have to pickthe slowest game with increased odds?

It would be easier to hunt so that people do not spend their lives hunting.

well do reborn or empyrean or anything else with a boosted shiny rate pls.

Reborn then!

ngl reborn is kinda not good, it isn’t enjoyable after aya for me

you’re gonna need to get really lucky if you want to beat the first gym as well

Well, empyrean? there are other games im not thinking of rn

I might do it. I’ll probably be dead pretty quickly though.

Lemme think… Pokemon Uranium is 1/1024, I can’t think of any others, but one that would be fun to play together is Gemstone, or Old Amber. Or speedrunning HitMon Jam! including the secret boss(es).

Doing a run with actual shiny chances would probably not last long as everyone would lose interest.

Why is it not good after Aya?

the game gets really annoying, the concepts are cool and all, but you have to remake a team for like every 2 gyms

I didn’t have to make a new team for every 2 gyms Then again, up until Ch.16 most of my wins were luck based… Some people make a Rotation team where you only have to train 36 mons 2 for each type and then (hopefully) won’t have to train more. Also, you can get some good mons after Aya.

eh I just didn’t enjoy the game, some of the better mons were locked behind certain events,
and I really didn’t want to have a rotation team. It seems like too much for a pokemon game. I got to around the steel lady and I just stopped playing

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So Uranium or Empyrean? Fair warning, I think Empyrean might be longer than Uranium, but it has a much better shiny rate, and shinies get a 1.1 stat boost, while platinum shinies recieve a 1.2 stat boost. Uranium is also a much easier game, with less open map than Empyrean.

  • Uranium(1/1024)
  • Empyrean(1/256 [Also, Shinies are actually better than normal mons, they get a stat boost. You can also(rarely) buy shinies from the Auctions])

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Everyone has their opinions, personally I really like the game and I too will say the effort to get certain pokemon is ridiculous.


Again, depends on the pokemon, and how much the person likes it.

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And should we do a soul link, or a speedrun, or comparison?

Also, in Empyrean, Masuda just uses OTs, and shininess chance increases when breeding if one or both of the parents are shiny.
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I know this is necroing, but is this happening?