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The Tourney That Better Not Die Out!

Okay, this is really simple. This is on Showdown. ZU tier. You may change teams if you like, but have one signature pokemon. Who wants to fight? We have 8 participants and a double elimination. I am battling too. No need to check your teams. Lets do this!

  1. @Piazziami861
  2. @IndianAnimator
  3. @BackInBlack
  4. @Aj2005
  5. @Blue2ooth
  6. (available)
  7. (available)
  8. (available)
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I’m in


Update the ladder

Don’t tell me what to do I have a life lol

Can I?

Yes you can.

No one seems to be joining

The tourney that better not die out died out without even starting oofies

tourney: dies out


The one concession I suppose that could be made was it’s getting pretty close to Christmas, people be busy with school/other obligations. Plus not many people on the forums anyways… I say try again in the new year

its sad how true this is