The Supposed Tentacruel Evolution

Do you have a chance to catch these OP sounding Tentacruel referenced by Audrey before Kyogre kills her? Or are they just a neat little piece of Lore? I would love it if you could catch one of them in Maelstrom9 or something.

Nope. Just a simple tease with no content related to it.

Awww, the devs should implement a side-quest after the end-game where you obtain a deep-sea suit which lets you dive even deeper in the sea and encounter them at like level 80.

Not really a possibility. The game isn’t gonna receive anymore content updates.

Oh yeah, the devs are making Zeta Omicron I think.

That’s a game they’ve already made. They’re making Epsilon right now.

In case you haven’t already seen, they’ve said on multiple occasions and threads that it will be unrelated to Insurgence.

Zeta and Omicron were the games made before Insurgence, we’re currently working on Epsilon, which is almost entirely separate from Z/O at this point besides a few aspects.

Oh, it is Epsilon. Facepalm

Oof, 3d overworld and sprites. I hope you add a feature to disable that since it will probs break my PC which can barely handle some 2d mmo games. I like the idea of smarter AI! Most bots just select random moves and don’t take into account typing which makes it way too easy. (Oh wait, should I be putting this somewhere else? This went way off-topic)

Can’t really do anything about that. The game is gonna be made almost exactly to how gen4/gen5 games were, mapping wise, and remaking things in full 2d just for a handful of players would be very very VERY time consuming. Like, a 5-6 year project could become 7-10 years for stuff like that.

But the game should be much more optimized than an rpgmaker game so, as long as you can run like unity-based games you’ll be fine.

Hmm, true. It is just my PC is kinda old so I doubt I can run it…

Don’t worry, it’ll probably run better than a lot of RGPMaker XP games.