The Prophecy Dilemma

So I was replaying the game earlier and I wondered- has anyone ever though of the possibility that you’re not actually one of the “chosen”? Think about it; Mew didn’t come to you on their own. Mew is only protecting you because some mysterious sender told them to. Not specifically by yourself. So technically, doesn’t that make you just some poor sap who got stuck in the middle, not one of the chosen in the prophecy?

Just something to think about for anyone who just happens to come across it.

I always thought that every pixie was sent by the same person/benefactor.

Both mew and shaymin came at a time of desperate need, so benefactor sent them at the last second… good timing. Mew came with a note since you essentially lost your memories and probably wouldn’t know how to escape the darkrai base by yourself. Shaymin did its own thing to save Damian.

As for celebi… we don’t know yet. We don’t know much about Nora at all, actually. :\

But that’s just my guess. Yours seems more accurate.

I always found it funny people call me “mews chosen” for that exact reason. I figure I’m just a decoy.