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The Insurgence dex completed!

I am very proud of myself today because i have finally completed the entire insurgence pokedex. Just look at that fancy certificate lol.


Ay, grats @Aj2005

I am really close on completing my Dex lol

I hope you complete your dex soon :joy:

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Thanks! All the remaining mons I have to catch are friend safari mons so I will probably get my sweet shiny charm in 3 days or smth kek @Aj2005

If I’m not mistaken, all friend safari mons can be obtained by other means. What are the mons that you are missing? @GiaPeNiw

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are u there in insurgence discord . u can get the completionist role

I am missing like lots of mons, I think all of the ones I am missing are obtainable in Friend Safaris @Aj2005

No, I’m not in the insurgence discord, I’ll be sure to join it soon though!

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I didn’t have to go to the friend safari even once, all pokémon were obtained in other methods, that’s why i asked. And if you can’t find any pokémon, just tell me we can trade and then trade back :smile:

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Ah, cool , thanks, I don’t really need any help now , I am doing just fine, but if I need any help I will lyk lol

and u have liked …

i will never be able to do that because… well i am me :neutral_face: :expressionless: :neutral_face: