The Game?

Has there been any new news about the new patch/update that is being built? I am just confused now, I hear about an update months ago, but I don’t even know what is going to be about. Is it even an update or is it just a patch? Is it about bugs like invisible walking animations or the kyurem/delta breeding and other bugs? Is it about the battle frontier? I know it can’t be too big because I know the game is in content-locked and it not going to add new stuff. I just don’t know where this game is heading towards or if this game has died?

1.2.5 is a major bug fixing patch, it does fix kyurem and delta breeding among plenty of others. Though I’m not sure what you mean by invisible walking animations?

1.3 is the planned update, it includes revamp of the battle frontier(mainly battle pyramid), the AI, polishing up the story/plot, music, etc among other things. It’s planned, with a little bit of work being done as well, though focus right now is the 1.2.5 bug fix.

There is no ETA for both though.

I mean some pokemon walking animations. Maybe i am the only one who uses a female meowstic on their team but her animation is invisable.

And Also her ability is wrong too. It Should be Competitive, not Prankster.

The female follower sprites should be fixed in the next patch. Can confirm that female meostic(both HA and it’s level up moveset) has been fixed in 1.2.5.