The game doesn't even install

I downloaded the Launcher just yesterday, when I tried to download the game, after 2 minutes or so, an error massage appeared: “Void ReadOfCentralDirectory0”. What does it mean, and how do I fix it?

(OS: Windows 10, my internet connection is slower than 50kbs…)

It means your internet connection is not stable enough to download it through the launcher, as the file didn’t completely download. Try downloading the raw files and extract them yourself.

:T I’ve experienced the same problem SO many times in the past… The Launcher itself took around 30 attemts to fully download (through Google Chrome). And It’s as small as a MB! Trying to download the whole game though a Browser is going to be a nightmare… Thanks, anyway…

There is a new version that has a fix for less stable internet connections, but as it has to redownload the files when an internet connection shifts, it might not be an optimal solution if your internet connection is extremely unstable.