The Forgotten One

Of the many things there are to praise about Pokemon Insurgence, I think the writing is one of the most notable. The developers could have just slapped together a generic Pokemon game but they didn’t. The story is very well planned out, even adding in little details like an explanation about PP or pointing out how stupid it is to think that Arceus created the universe with a thousand hands. There’s a lot going on but it’s all intertwined and ultimately it all comes back to one mysterious woman. The Forgotten One, also known as Nyx.

You only meet Nyx once throughout the entire game, and she’s shrouded in mystery even when you confront her. You know she’s been pulling the strings from the start and you never even see her true face, yet the writers and developers still take the time to make her seem human instead of some great evil that must be overcome. With the way people like Jaern and Zenith talk about her, you think she’s going to be some kind of monstrous, tyrannical being but in reality, Nyx has no ill will towards the main universe in general (despite hating Arceus) and just wants what’s best for her people. It’s an us or them situation and all that comes across in a single encounter with her. It almost makes you feel bad that you have to throw her and her people back into the Distortion Realm for the rest of their existence.

Another thing I’ve just noticed as I’m battling Nyx, is that her Kangaskhan basically represents her as being the “mother” of the people in the Distortion World.

She hasn’t been pulling the strings from the beginning :thinking:

But like it’s totally random. It feels like it was added last-minute to add another boss, instead of something that was planned all along. The whole time they were stringing the character along without any clues other than like 2 scenes with her.

It definitely doesn’t feel like something that was planned from the beginning. It would have been better if some lines earlier in the game were changed to refer to some greater threat, but I’m pretty sure that the first hint that she even exists is the grunt in the Abyssal Base. When she actually appeared she was great, and the Void Gauntlet is one of my favourite locations in the game, it feels like she came out of nowhere.