The Final Three: Results!

Well It has been quite the show and a lot of you guys have shown many awesome sprites, I am honestly proud of all of you guys! You all did amazing. With this, credit must be given where credit is due! The winners of the final three are!

TerraTerraCotta’s Delta Hoopa!

AND SaphirePhoenix’s Yamna + Yamnega!

Congratulations to these two for doing such a fantastic job for getting into the Last 3 Spots of the HolonDex!


Just to bring this up: Remember this doesn’t mean you guys have to stop posting your deltas! This is now the new era of Holon University!

Now instead of being accepted, you can post your Deltas to get help from the community! Please help one another out with CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM and ADVICE.


Congrats guys!



Whoa I wasn’t expecting this :open_mouth: especially since I posted delta Yanma only about 12 hours ago. But thank you!!

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It was well deserved.

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I’m so pumped to see all the deltas incorporated into the game! It’s gonna be tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

Congrats guys, Cant wait for these to be in the game

Imo you should pick a third and let evo lines count as one spot

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Congrats to the winners!

I want to use that Yanmega right now oh my lord

There’s no more space on the Dex.

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The HolonDex website is now completely filled. You can find the final result here:

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The moment I saw that delta Yanma line, I knew the competition was over. It’s really ■■■■■■■ good.

congratulations to SaphirePheonix and TerraTerraCotta

they both look amazing!

To my knowledge the Holon Dex is just for fun purposes.

So not only aren’t the Holon Dex creatures guaranteed to get picked, but yeah. It is still possible for fanmade Deltas not in the Holon Dex to get picked as well.

Unless I am wrong of course.

This is correct.

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On the Holon website, it says Yanman.

any chance that you will be teasing which deltas make it into the game?