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The Darkrai and sky cults should be used more


You battle one Darkrai cultist in the storyline. ONE.
And the Sky cultist model is not even used after the Jade tower.
If the devs ever decide to update the story line they should start with these two cults. And maybe the infernal cult in the early game.


I disagree. The sprite is used because they have to hid themselves so the world doesn’t know who they are. Darkrai Cultists are still out in the Dream Realm so you actually encounter and fight MORE than one. For the Sky Cultists I kinda agree because any fight I had against them I couldn’t remember. They should be more rememberable fights. I mean. They control/worship Flying and Dragon Pokemon they should be harder to fight and MORE of a fight.


two things. one, when i said in the game i meant the Actual game. Once you beat the champion the game transitions to the post-game. what i meant was i want more Darkrai cult in the pre-champion game. You don’t see anything about them after escaping their base until after the Audrey battle. That meeting between Jearn and Persephone should signal that the Darkrai cult is going to come after you, but you don’t see a hair of them until the 6th gym. Also the entire dream-realm area should have more in-depth work done on it. There is actually some code in the game for an infected Darkrai cultist, which i think should be used. Improving the Damian quest would be really appreciated. A couple of good places for the Darkrai cult to show up in are, Utira Library, Koril town, Murk forest. There are probably others that I am not thinking of (here is the sprite for the Infected cultist)

Second, The sky cult deserves more attention. You fight a grand total of Three sky cultist in the game. All of which are avoidable. Jearn also lets go of his position as Auger way too easily. If you think of other Tyrants, the moment their power starts to slip from their hands they immediately try to restore their reign. Jearn should do something similar, right now he just fades into the sunset after you defeat him in the Crystal caves. A good choice for a event would be him attempting to secure the region through military might. Then we would have the interesting view of a region that is completely hostile to us. Another idea i have is that when you see the sky cultists in the Rezzai cavern, instead of a random Sky cultist, East is the one leading this expedition (their should also probably be some battles along with this). This would add a bit more depth, which is good, considering that right now the sky cultists have very little of that. Some potential targets for the sky cult are, Suntouched city, Sotana tracks, and all of torren if they use my military might suggestion.

Also while i was digging through the Pokemon insurgence files i found this among other things (music files that should be used among them.)
A female infernal cultist. This should really be used. Also the infernal cult should have more presence in the early game Potential targets include Midna town and The cave of steam. Also maybe a theme for them? This might be a little too much to ask.

Thank you for reading through this excessively long post.


Okay with all that… I agree.