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The best team(s) for Dev Island?

I’m doing a legend hunt and obviously, I need to complete Dev Island to complete the legend hunt. Sooo… What are the best teams/team to complete Dev Island?

you can practically use anything, but the easiest would be a full team of primals and mega ray.
(in my experience tho j primal gira is more than enuf)

Thanks! for the help! I’ll take your advice!

no prob man, gl w the devs

Or you could use your current team for fun

I know but, my team is a VERY casual. The only competitive Pokémon I have is a Azumarill, (and I also have a JUMPLUFF on my team).

so? you could ev train them
basically im saying its more fun to use the team you used for your whole journey for the dev tower, like its an anime final showdown or smth lmao

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