The Ancient Ruins Encounter

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the early game. Stop reading here unless you have obtained the First Gym Badge.

I have played up to the Elite Four, and I still have no idea why the Abyssal Cult were in the Ancient Ruins. I get it that they were after a Riolu, but why would a cult that worships Water-Type Pokemon want a Fighting-Type Pokemon?

the lucario can mega evolve, seemingly without the usual requirements i think. This probably makes it really powerful and rare

The Admin leading them said they were there specifically to catch a Rilou and warns his underlings about the rumors about a Lucario that lives there. I might be over-thinking it, but that suggests that they weren’t even sure that there was a Lucario to be found there.

Yeah this isn’t super clear or logical, which is why this is one of the events that I want to revisit in 1.3.

The grunts are after the Lucario because there are rumors that it Mega Evolves. Tormenting the Riolu is just meant to bring out the mother. This isn’t super obvious from the dialogue which goes from talking to the Riolu to immediately saying:

This is a bit ambiguous because it’s not exactly clear if the grunt is referring to catching Riolu before Lucario Mega Evolves or Lucario before Lucario Mega Evolves. But it is meant to be the Lucario.

Where this part really doesn’t make much sense though is that there isn’t any indication that Audrey hasn’t already figured out how to Mega Evolve Pokemon yet or that her Crawdaunt isn’t able to Mega Evolve by that point as this event just disappears from recollection until a brief nod to it in the post-game. So unless the purpose of this event was for the cultists to try and figure out how to make their Pokemon Mega Evolve without a Mega Ring, there is no clear reason for any of this occurring.

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That makes since. I started a second play-through recently and just got to that part, and they say they’re there to catch both the Riolu and the Licario. That’s where my confusion comes from. Thank you for clarifying that for me.