That item in the Helios Department store

What is the item in the Helios department store that’s blocked off by an NPC?

I’ve always wondered what the actual heck it is.

and why is it blocked by that NPC

I don’t think it is an actual item. It’s just put in by the devs to tease the people playing.


angery completionist noises

If you somehow interact whit it, it says: “you and your hacking”

i´m not proud of it but i cheated to get it and it is not an item, it´s a text telling you that you´re hacking. i close the game right after that so i dont know if it punish you for hacking or something. i didn´t want to risk my game

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As a closing statement: no, the devs didn’t incorporated some punishment device. It just says a dialogue, nothing else.

Hmm, i wonder why they would do that :thinking: