Tfw you wanna change the nature at the pokepon and your delta charizard gets shiny ^.^

Still a shitty nature but thats okay… My question is, if i try to change the nature again can i accidentally “unshiny” my d. charizard?

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No it does not unshiny

Pokepon can’t turn a Pokémon into its non-shiny form if it was already shiny. Getting the yellow capsule (which turns the Pokémon shiny) will end up doing nothing. The Lady states that the Pokémon turned shiny even though it was shiny before.

thx then i can safely try to change the nature again.

I have a question then. If I’ll get a nature change, does it change forever? Is there a way to revert the nature change? Can I somehow cancel the change?

Pokepon has a chance of changing your nature, so yes it can be changed.

That wasn’t exactly what I meant. The problem is this: if I have a modest Charizard and it’s fully on Special Attack, and I want a shiny, but I get a nature chance and it modest changes to adamant, then what? Is there any way to revert that aside from trying luck in the Pokepon?

No there is not. Pokepon is the only way to change a mon’s nature

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Oh, thanks then. I guess there’s no prize without risk.

You can’t soft reset on Pokepon anymore because it saves the game before entering.

Gotta love the shiny pokepon! Still haven’t gotten a shiny on Volcarona though :disappointed: