Teams and Team Suggestions

Judge my Pokemon Insurgence team Eevee: Item: Eevite Moves: Return, Hydro Pump, Foul Play, and Moon Blast. A really good Pokemon and because it change to different Eeveelutions based on the types of moves it uses. Because of this you can mix up your play style. Say your going to fight a Mega Zoroark and Eeveelutions is your last Pokemon, Mega Evolve and use Moonblast and because you turned into Sylveon, it will be stab and it will most likely kill. Delta Lucario: Item: Delta Lucarionite Moves: Extreme Speed, Fissure, Bone Rush, and Crunch Helped me out so much. I have Extreme Speed for priority, Bone Rush and Crunch for stab and Fissure just in case I get lucky. Delta Haxorus: Item: None Moves: Aqua Jet, Aqua Tail, Heavy Slam, and Crunch Delta Haxorus was a good Polemon. Aqua Jet because it is priority and it’s physical and he is a physical attacker. Aqua tail for the same reason minus the priority. Heavy Slam was so useful. I one shot almost anything. Crunch because it was there. Delta Gallade: Item: Delta Galladite Moves: Icicle Crash, Aerial Ace, Wild Charge, Thunder Punch A vital member to my team. Because he is a physical attacker and his attack is high up there when he mega evolves, so I went all physical. Icicle Crash, Wild Charge , and Thunder Punch for stab. Aerial Ace for coverage against Fighting types. Hydreigon: Item: Hydreigonite Moves: Dragon Pulse, Fly, Outrage, Earthquake. One thing… Mega Hydreigon is too OP. Because he can hit more than once and gains more attacks as he gets hurt is broken. Think of 5 EQs hitting you in one turn. Dragon Pulse and Outrage for stab. Fly because of coverage to Fighting types and Earthquake because I was thinking strategically. Delta Luxray: Item: Poison Barb Moves Poison Jab, Iron Tail, Earthquake, Gunk Shot. This is actually a special case because other than the Hydreigon that you can easily get a shiny, this one took a while. When I went to catch it I only had 5 Pokeballs and 3 Great Balls. Because I didn’t catch it on my first try, I soft reseted and I kept doing it for 20 minutes. On the last try, it turned out to be Shiny and I caught it. I was so happy. Poison Jab and Iron Tail and Gunk Shot for stab. I learned Gunk Shot by tutoring and Earthquake for coverage against Fire types. Thank you for reading and don’t be hesitant to leave your remarks. All are welcome, good, bad. Also comment what your team was. Tell me if I should change anything because I haven’t battled the Elite 4 and Champion for the second time. Don’t spoil the champion because I hear it’s different and recomend levels. Right now, Eevee is at Level 112, Delta Lucario is at level 115, Delta Haxorus is at Level 111, Delta Gallade, is at level 117, Delta Luxray is at 114, and Hydreigon is at level 112.

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It looks like a good team to me.

I would swap out Return on Eevee for another form change move (Thunderbolt for Jolteon) and/or Wish as an egg move to offer recovery. You could swap out Aqua Tail on D. Haxorus for Swords Dance (I believe it can also learn Bullet Punch to give it both a priority water and steel type move combinations, may be worth considering to use instead of Heavy Slam). D. Gallade would benefit more from a fighting type coverage move instead of Aerial Ace and Livewire would be extremely useful to have for its versatility throughout the match. I would replace Wild Charge or Thunderpunch with Livewire, and Aerial Ace with Drain Punch.

As for Mega Hydreigon, it’s ability is not as OP as you seem to think. It isn’t hitting with Earthquake’s base 100 power times the number of heads. The power of a move is split between the number of heads that it has, with it hitting that many times. So say you have 5 heads, each head would do 100(base power of EQ)/5(number of heads) = 20 base power hits (with each head).

Where this would be useful is if a move has secondary effects, as each hit should have the ability to activate that secondary effect (like Dark Pulse, each hit would have a 20% chance to activate flinching, but the damage it deals would remain the same whether it has 1 head or 5 heads). Additionally, you have a bit too many mega stones as items on your team since you can only mega evolve 1 pokemon in a battle. I would remove them and just leave the 1 mega stone on Eevee as Eevee would otherwise be close to useless without its mega evolution.