Teambuilding help required

I do the Perfect6 Challenge (You only able to catch 6 Pokémon thorugh your journey) I have Jolteon Azumarill Frauxire so far and I need a fighting a fire and a flying type Pokémon any good suggestion I just defeated the 2nd gym (SO HARDDD)

Here are some Pokemon you can get before the next gym battle

Fire: Charmander- Route 3 Growlithe- Crossroads Cyndaquil- Route 4 Larvesta- Roggan Town

Fighting: Hitmonlee- Koril Cave Hitmonchan- Koril Cave Hitmontop- Koril Cave Sawk- Route 3 Throh- Route 3

Flying: Gyarados- Samsara Cave, Rezzai Cavern Aerodactyl- Revive Old Amber at your Secret Base Chatot- Route 7

Full list:émon_Locations

Thanks man I broke my formula a little and got larvesta krookodile and roserade