Team Suggestions

Hey guys! I would like to say first off that I’m going at it casually and playing through the story mode. I am not planning to go into it competitively. The last time I played a Pokemon game was like the official…Ruby version and I just remember steam rolling with whatever I could snag. I wanted to plan out a team, but I like staring at things that look nice on my team.

Basically, can some people give me some suggestions on whether I might be going too heavy on some types, need some counters to other types, member suggestions, etc? I had to over-level my team to like 38’s to get past the 2nd gym just now. :frowning:

Planned Starter Team
Gengar - Levitate

  • Shadow Ball
  • Sludge Wave
  • Energy Ball
  • TBD…

Azumarill - Huge Power

  • Aqua Tail
  • Play Rough
  • Aqua Ring (I wanted this little one to be a tanky hitter…not sure)
  • TBD…


  • Aura Sphere
  • Psychic
  • Calm Mind
  • TBD… (considering which steel move)

D.Gardevoir - Lightning Rod

  • Thunderbolt
  • Ice Beam
  • Calm Mind
  • TBD…


  • I’m replacing this one ASAP

Krookodile - Moxie

  • Rock Slide
  • Earthquake
  • Crunch
  • Swords Dance

Future Team
Gengar - [Ghost | Poison]
Azumarill - [Water | Fairy]
Krookodile - [Dark | Ground]
Blaziken - [Fire | Fighting]
D.Metagross - [Rock | Grass]
D.Gardevoir - [Ice | Electric]

  • Azumarill if it has Huge Power is a beast, I have one in my team.
  • You’ll have to wait a bit for Rotom to change form, I believe after the 5th gym
  • δScyther is technically better but δScizor looks way cooler imho (I have one in my team as well)
  • Consider that Flygon becomes Bug/Dragon with its mega-evolution!
  • If Typhlosion isn’t for you, you could look for δTyphlosion, Electric/Steel, both types you’re missing.
  • If that’s not for you either, and δScizor isn’t of your taste neither, perhaps δGardevoir is a glass cannon that everyone can agree is worth the effort, Ice/Electric, maybe instead of the previous suggestion.
  • Lastly, but not for importance, I personally find mega Donphan really cool.
  • Yes! I have Huge Power on Azumarill. I sadly have Naughty nature, but I didn’t want to re-roll too much.
  • Aww, didn’t know it was that long for Rotom. :frowning:
  • I’m honestly thinking of swapping Scyther. Just not sure for who yet.
  • Oh I didn’t know mega-evolutions change typing. Thank you for pointing that out! I was kind of planning to maybe just dump Armored on Flygon, since I heard that was pretty viable.
  • I honestly, don’t like how Typhlosion looks and that is why I’m a bit eyyy on it (one would think you would judge by OPness and not looks, I plead guilty).
  • I actually was planning on D.Gardevoir…I messed up tho. When I caught the one in the house, I was re-rolling a few times and got Lightning Rod, Timid. But I didn’t realize it was male, so I was sad. Q A Q

Similar here, I don’t care if a pokémon is strong, as long as I have feelings for it, it’s welcome in my team xD I finished the game with Jumpluff, Crustle and Nidoking that are all but competitive XD the way Jumpluff defeated Charizard, primal Groudon and Heatran was priceless (っ´ω`c):heart:

Anyway, mega δTyphlosion looks sick imho, that’s why I proposed it :stuck_out_tongue:

Another cool design is δMetagross (ruin), Rock/Grass but that’s waaaay too late in the game sadly…

big oof moment
mine is female, mild.

Yes…I haven’t played any Pokemon games in a while that I totally forgot there were gender-based evolutions. Q A Q

Hmm…I was trying to get some evened out type coverage for my starter team and still be Pokemon that I find visually nice. I’m considering: Gengar, Azumarill, Lucario, Rotom (eventually F.Rotom), Typhlosion and Krookodile. And I’m pretty much able to get that full team before I even hit the 3rd gym (except Rotom won’t be F.Rotom).

Nearer end game I will definitely consider D.Metagross, that type coverage sounds awesome and the looks are pretty good too! Another thing I was considering is replacing Typhlosion with D.Greninja. Thanks a bunches btw.

Gardevoir can be both male and female, it’s only Gallade that must be male!

Wait…so a male D.Ralts can evolve into D.Gardevoir?
Sorry Rotom…I love you. -chucks Roto out the window-

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I understand the feeling of getting attached to designs. Milotic is always my go to water type.
You can have a male Gardevoir, but personally having certain genders on certain pokes is a pet peeve of mine.

Your future team looks great so far. The big thing is going to be picking a mega. Flygon is a solid choice, but seeing as how you team could benefit from a bulkier more defensive pokemon, you could try Mega Meganium. It’s honestly quite solid and doesn’t get near enough love. Baton pass Blaziken makes a lot of the slower possibilities viable though.

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I updated my plans for the teams after doing a bit more looking into it.
I’m still iff-y on Flygon, I was planning to do an Armored Flygon.
I really want to keep Azumarill, do you think having 2 secondary typing overlapping is bad? I swapped in D.Metagros into the planned team which seems pretty decent on tankiness.

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