Team Suggestions For E4

I need a 6th Pokemon but I don’t know what to have. My team is: Mega Flygon Giratina Typhlosion Delta Gardevoir Delta Haxorus I am open to any suggestions.

Your team looks like its about to get stuck in the elite four, like it was ice. See what im doing here? Although you have typloshion, it can die to many pokemon because of its low defense. Add anoter pokemon that will counter ice, something defensive. Steel resists ice and is supereffective against it so some type of steel type would be great. Gl with the E4, they dont mess around. Champ is hardest fight in game, buy LOTS of revival herbs

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Ok have you got any suggestions on a steel type.

UPDATE: I beat the E4 with Mew as 6th pokemon

umm im about to challenge E4 with delta lilligant, delta charizard, delta bisharp, Delta Gardevoir, Delta Ambipom, and Mew [i dont have any grass type or dark type or a poison type] and my pokemon are at lv 91 each with bisharp and charizard being 95 each so can ichallenge the league now or are they gonna be like lv 100 each cuz i dont know what level they are plz tell

They Scale With your Highest lvl pokemon so they will all be at Lvl 95 or 96.