Team suggestion

This is my current team and I wonder is this good enough coverage for E4 or is there any I’m lacking. I want to take Eevee for the mega for more coverage but I’m open to any suggestions. Ty!

Lucario and Gardevoir will be ransacked by earthquakes. The easiest team this setup has is Kayla. Crunches, Sucker punches and Shadowballs will do a lot vs Charizard. Exeggutor is nice for moderate speed grass type coverage, but one of the two Scizor’s will likely ohk it.
Talonflame getting hit by stealth rock is a big worry, and probably inevitable. Honestly, Swampert is the only one that looks viable for most of the fights.
My bad, Delta Charizard isn’t bad, and the potential for it to outspeed all the shadowball users is likely, so those are the best two options.

I’m thinking to replace lucario with technician breloom. And can you suggest some replacements for me? I’m hesitating to take some mons because there’s gonna be too many Megas in my team.

Honestly Breloom looks to be a good choice. Getting Delta Munchlax is a very, very good idea. And, if you want, Volcarona is a very powerful fire replacement for Talonflame.
I have a post myself breaking down what I used for the elite and champion, and if you want you can try them out.
If you have delta Scyther, it is better than Breloom because it has very high speed. Eviolite makes it very powerful. I used Mega Gallade instead because my Scyther was overleveled.

Is single typing better than dual-typing? I’m hesitating to use some of them because I want to get as much type coverage as I can. I’ll look for some more Pokemons that I can use and will make up my mind later. Thanks!

In most cases dual typing is very good, but even monotypes are fine, Especially Delta Snorlax.

Ahh got it! Thanks for the help!