Team Suggestion/Help decide final team member

I’m a casual player,but I cant decide my final team member My team is: Raichu,level 64,has Thunder Wave,Charge Beam,Quick Attack and Thunderbolt

Flareon,level 68,has Lava Plume,Bite,Flame Charge,Quick Attack

Jumpluff,level 70,has Synthesis,Leech Seed,Giga Drain,Aereal Ace

Mega Gengar,level 62,has Curse,Dazzling Gleam, Dark Pulse,Shadow Ball

Mega Feraligatr,level 66,has Surf,Crunch,Slash,Ice Fang

I never had a permanent 6th member,it would always rotate betwen Steelix,Persian,Primeape,Delta Muk,Xatu,Solrock,Aurorus,Butterfree,Garchomp,Honchkrow,Granbull and Mega Eevee. You can tell me any suggestion for a 6th member and such,I wanna be ready for the next patch with a stable team. I did eventually collect the delta starters if you wanna suggest them. It doesnt have to be one of the temporary members I suggested

I would say switch out Flareon and go for Mega Eevee and Delta Muk. Your Mega Eevee can change formes and Garchomp is a beast. Also, I suggest only having 1 Mega per team, Gengar and Feraligatr are okay without their stones, but Eevee is pure :poop: without his stone.

My Mega Eevee has Moonblast,Foul Play,Ice Beam and Thunderbolt. Is that ok?

If you’re gonna keep Flareon, give it a stronger fire attack rather than Lava Plume

Any suggestions cuz I dont think we have a TM for Flamethrower. And I tend to avoid moves with recoil damage

Fire Fang, Heat Wave, Incinerate are good

Judging by your Mega Eevee’s moveset, I’m saying it’s a Special Set. Give it Hydro Pump or Psychic instead of Foul Play.

Where can I learn Heat Wave?

Ok! Will do! I’ll put Psychic since its more accurate and has more PP

I think it has a TM. Not sure where it is located tho

Im looking at the wiki’s TM Locations. Either the list wasnt updated or TM Heat Wave isnt in the game. There is a TM for Sunny Day,Wildfire,Incinerate and Flame Charge

It’s a tutor move in the core series games, so when/if it is made available, it will be made available as a tutor move.

oh! Thank you for the information!