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Team Rocket Player Sprite [WIP]

Just finished making this player character mod that allows you to pretend to be a Team Rocket grunt.

Currently, I’ve done walking, running and bike sprites+front and backsprites, but only for male characters and only using the purple hair and thus it won’t work well with any other hairs. Notice that due to the changes require, I have modified the base sprites (I hated hairs sticking out of every hat) and thus most other hats are misaligned (mostly its just on the backsprites though). Thus download at your own risk (remember to always make/have a backup of whatever files you mod in case you, or me, mess up).

So in short, the team rocket shirt is set to the Black Shirt, the pants to the Gray Pants, the cap to the Poop Hat.

Obviously, anyone is welcome to fix the rest of the hats/clothing/hairs and make the female version in their spare time. (hint hint)

Download the Team Rocket Player Sprite here.


@1ofthe4rocketbros you’d like this

Hey, what do you use to make sprites like this, cause i’m thinking of making sprites when I have time to do so.

Currently I’m mostly using Krita for it. You can easily do it on GIMP, Paint.NET, Aseprite, Photoshop (don’t use CC versions though) . . .

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Why not cc?

I haven’t found the changes worth a sub (and even some downgrades when compared to CS6) when free alternatives can do the same thing, and some in regards are even better.

True that using cc bcuz of school though :slight_smile:

Really nice sprites and great choice of program! Krita is just amazing and with the new 3.0 version, Pixel Art is more welcome! Nice to see people using it even here!

Would also love to see the female version! :smiley:

I rarely play female character on Pokemon games, so I didn’t bother making it. Plus making them fit the accessory framework is such a bother…

Honestly I’d only tackle it if I was somehow assured it was going to be included in-game.