Team Rating For Challenge Championship

This is my version of the truant/entrainment team. I swapped out blaziken for D.Emolga on tradition version because I think it’s just hilarious that a fire squirrel can sweep teams. Use this team to beat challenge champ. It can also work for elite 4 rematches (you need dream mist for hidden abilities) and max Ivs and good Evs are recomended.
Durant w/ Choice scarf
ability: Truant
Iron head

D. Arcanine w/ Leftovers/silk scarf
Ability: Multiscale
Swds dance
Xtreme speed

D. Emolga w/ sash
Ability: Blazeboost
flame charge

What do you guys think of this team? I used it for Suzeraine rank

d emolga is a straight downgrade to d blaziken
blaziken is good because it can ohko most of the mons with choice band brave bird
the only thing that made emolga useful is the focus sash which other pokemon could do better for example sturdy magnezone with specs deals more dmg than emolga, sure it’s countered by stealth rock but sash emolga also is, the one advantage emolga has is that if it gets a ko it can at least chip the opponent before it dies but at that point why are you using d arc if u want to sweep with delta emolga which is less consistent than d blaziken which can win some fights on its own and prevent the loss (emolga also probably can but im not sure since base 75 sp atk +1 isnt that much, definitely not as much as blaziken can)
if u like d emolga, sure use it no one is stopping u

Blaze boost means +1 atk, spatk and speed, so if you use flame charge and alternate between it and protect, you get plus 6 in the offensive stats, pair with flame thrower and d.pulse
But yeah, I suppose I just like d. emolga