Team rating early game

Is this team good for the 2nd gym?

D.Gardevoir Lvl;33
Moveset:Double team
Ice Shard
Calm Mind
Shock wave

Lucario Lvl:33
Quick Guard
Force Palm{Bad moveset cuz i didnt get enough friendship evolved at Lvl:32 lol}

D.Grimer{Very useful for me}Lvl:33
Mud Bomb

D.Charmeleon Lvl:33
Moveset:Dragon Breath
Confuse Ray
Shadow Ball

Feraligator Lvl:33
Water gun
Ice fang

I think i want to remove Lucario from my team. What do yo guys suggest?

Wait i think ill remove aipom instead:sweat_smile:

Lucario can be a great asset, you can buy the move reminder in your secret base y’know

I suggest replacing Feraligatr. I used to use it, but it didn’t have enough power to defeat other Pokémon, and it doesn’t have a good physical stab move until much later. I replaced it with Huge Power Azumarill, which is much stronger and has an additional fairy typing. If you want to replace Lucario, I’d suggest Delta Bisharp as your fighting type, but you won’t get it for some time.

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Hey thanks i also though about replacing it in the 3 rd gym in helios
Feraligator is useful but the moves are really bad
I actually won the 2 nd gym! im thinking of replacing feraligator with D.Lilligant
I want delta bisharp but i seriously want to keep lucario since Lucario is super badass
[Yeah delta bisharp is too cuz of itz fly fight type]+Physical power

Hey i tried azumarril and its pretty useful!