Team improvements and early mega?

Hello everyone, I’m playing Insurgence for the second time (last time was long ago when game wasn’t complete, stopped just before dragon ruins or sth like that), this time I want to complete the game :grinning: I run on challenge mode, no Nuzlockes or anything, but my starter is D. Squirtle. I would like to ask for your advice considering my current team (I’m in the desert, before the cave).
I have:

  • Azumarill: this is the biggest surprise on my team, as I just happened to run into a SHINY near Midna Town. Is it possible for it to be good till the end? At least it has Huge Power.
  • D. Blastoise: honestly the weakest on my team at the moment. Will probably bench it soon.
  • Excadrill: strong pick as always, used Marowak with thick club before, but it was so slow…
  • Fraxure (Haxorus soon) - because I like to sweep with DD+DClaw when possible (gym 2 was a laugh, even if it was still an Axew, focus sash was dealt with via sacrifice sturdy Onix with S.Rock)
  • Delphox - I couldn’t find any better fire type, used Ponyta/Rapidash before
  • D. Gardevoir - BoltBeam is always nice.

The team uses mainly level up moves, some Return TMs. All are lvl 42-44. My main problem is what would make a good early mega (as Blastoise will probably become benched). I considered Mega Flygon, but its types overlap with Excadrill and Fraxure. While the last one I could probably replace without much regret, Excadrill still seems like a very strong pick (though I would appreciate a better steel move than Metal Claw, is Iron Head even within reach anytime soon?) Or maybe I should try to build something like a Sandstorm team, include Tyranitar, maybe Magneton, something else? What other megas are available and good and how far into the story must I get? I’m quite afraid of fights with East and M. Rayquaza later, as I remember how awful backtracking was there, and would be glad if I could do it in one try.

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Technically, Mega Flygon turns Bug/Dragon so don’t worry about Excadrill overlap. You basically have only Four mega avaliable before you get to East: Flygon, TTar, Stunkfisk and your Starter. Take your pick.

Sand team could be nice, especially since Mega TTar have access to Dragon Dance via egg move if you like that. I really should try making my own Sand run at some point.

Also, what difficulty are you in?


I think you should remove excadrill and keep scizor . Mega Evolve your starter

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Wow, I didn’t really notice that it changes types, though it still overlaps with Fraxure/Haxorus, so it’ll probably be this one to go to the box.

Yeah, that sounds nice as well :grinning:

Hard difficulty. I never did any professional teambuilding, I just mashed some mons watching for types not to overlap, usually only offensive moves, as normal Pokemon games are quite easy if you don’t go competitive.

You mean vanilla or delta Scizor? Is vanilla even catchable? Delta Scyther/Scizor are part ice, so they overlap with Delta Gardevoir. While Ice is great offensive type, it seems awful defensively, and on hard mode I believe that it’s either you OHKO the enemy, or they OHKO you. For that reason, if I had to take D. Scyther/Scizor, I would probably stick to Scyther as it’s faster.

I forgot to mention that I’m not against rotating the mons (having more than 6, and changing them when situations call for it). At the moment I’m also using Crobat who has Acrobatics as it’s very powerful. I hoped at some point to use Blaziken, but it’s available so late in the game… :frowning_face:

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Normal Scizor (Bug and Steel)
You can get Scyther in Game Corner during Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can evolve it taking it to a old lady in black market .
[Note :- Scyther must hold metal coat(found in helios city) to evolve]

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Thanks a lot. I don’t know why I was sure that Rezzai Desert links directly to Helios City, but there’s still Roggan Town in-between. I haven’t played that far for a long time :sweat_smile:

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The set I suggest is:

Scizor @ Meta Coat
Ability: Technician
EVs: 132 HP / 252 Atk / 128 Spe
Adamant Nature
-Swords Dance
-Bullet Punch
-Bug Bite

Superpower is a late game move, but then again, ther is few other moves you can choose. This set can absolutely destroy Harmony by itself.

Also, given TTar’s low speed, Dragon Dance might not be as good as on other Pokémon. It more like a Bulky sweeper that need to setup twice before being unstopable.

Also funfact, Bug Buzz does less damage than Boomburst even with Bug STAB included when used by Mega Flygon.


This is an awesome moveset . It will OHKO Harmony .

Superpower is obtained in Nexa Town . You could use Brick Break till then

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