team help

so, im doing a poc of this game and i just got badge 4. my current team is this: (also to me looks like it auto skips down so its not the wall of text)

D Charizard: holding its mega stone, has Sprit call as ability, and its moves are Dragon pulse, Lunar cannon, Phantom force, and Confuse ray; its lvl 111 (can u tell i use him to grind with?)

my new D haxorus (swapped in for its reg form): (all remaining mons will have exp share for lvls for now) , Water Veil ability and (currently) Poison Fang, Ice Fang, Swords dance and Aqua tail, lvl 48

Excadrill: Lvl 42, AB: sand veil, M: Slash, Metal claw, S Dance, and Earthquake

Aurous: Lvl 44, AB: Refrigerate, M: Aurora Beam, Avalanche, Thunder wave and Ancient power

Last is Alakazam (who im gonna be a screens, calm mind/psychic), AB: Synchronize, M: Psychic, Reflect, Psycho cut, and Miracle eye (filler move)

Now that u guys know what my team is; i need advice in what Ev’s to train them in, who my last teammate and its movesets should be; i plan to grind a bunch of IV stones enough to max out everyones IVS (which i think totals 60 stones? correct me here) and yes i plan on using healing and getting them to lvl 120.