Team Help

So… I need help with team members. I already have 5 pokemon, need coverage options.

Delta Venusaur*
Delta Pidgeot

*Not Replaceable

I am in Helios City but haven’t got the Mega Stones yet. I want to get Deltas and coverage, especially against Grass, Steel, Psychic, Ice. (It seems I may need a fire or fighting type.)

There’s a Growlithe in the Crossroads and there is a Larvesta up for trade in Roggan Town (Ghost type for the Larvesta). There is also Cyndaquil and Ponyta in Route 4 if you want those. Even a potential Charmander in the hidden grotto of Route 3. (And Heatmor in the Midna Garden hidden grotto, though, I wouldn’t recommend it).

But the point I’m trying to make is that there is a lot of great options for fire types at this point in the game. Although, I would suggest getting a solid ground resist/immunity (besides gengar) as that will help out with your weakness to ground types being, Zebstrika and Empoleon (and a potential fire type).

Delta Vespiqueen then? It has OK stats and gets Levitate as an ability.
And for the replacement for D.Pidgeot, Goodra or Noivern? I want to get a Dragon type. And if I get Noivern, there’s my Ground Immunity, so I can go look for other pokemon, like Delta Glalie.

Yea, Delta Vespiqueen tends to be pretty good. If you don’t want that then, replacing D Pidgeot with a Dragon/Flying type would be pretty solid (plus your empoleon resists the dragon, ice, and rock types) or even a regular Hydreigon as that can pack levitate as well. All pretty good options, so I think your team is pretty open to options. Feel free to choose what you like and have fun with it! :smiley: