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Team help for elite 4/post game

Hi, first post here. I’m kinda needing help with my team due to thinking about it and it might not being good, although it did get me through the rest of the game with me being 10 levels under at the minimum.

Team: (So far, no ev training)
D. Venosaur (Mega) (Psycho Call) (Quirky):
Leech Seed

D. Roserade (Life Orb) (Shadow Dance) (Docile):
Dark Pulse
New Moon
Sludge Bomb

Swampert (Leftovers) (Rash):
Rock Slide

D. Frostlass (Leftovers) (Docile):
Will o’ Wisp
Dazzling Gleam
Shadow Ball

Magnezone (Rocky Helmet) (Timid):
Tri Attack
Thunder Wave
Flash Cannon

Serperior (Leftovers) (Naive):
Draco Jet
Aqua Tail
Leaf Blade

Maybe replacements I’m thinking of (open to suggestions, cant use delta ralts as it is dead in the ground):
Gallade for D. Venosaur (most likely will happen)
D. Liligant (Water) for D. Frostlass and maybe swampert (Will most likely happen, frostlass hasnt really been of use to me other than killing grass types)
If i do replace swampert, it will be for either D. Hydregion or D. Metagross (spider)
Was thinking of using D. Bisharp, but it might have type overlap + idk who to replace it with

So yeah. Sorry i didnt post evs or ivs.


Hi Errin, welcome to the Pokémon Insurgence Forum! If you need anything regarding competitive or teambuilding, just ask me.

Ok, first what are your Pokémon’s nature and the difficulty you are playing the game on? EVs and IVs could help too. If you don’t play on hard mode, nature aren’t that important and IVs are at most something to watch on. At the very least, you have IV stones for that.

hi, thanks for the warm welcome!

The natures are already there, but i do feel like its something worth repeating.

D. Venosaur is Quirky
D. Roserade is Docile
Swampert is Rash
D. Frostlass is Docile
Magnezone is Timid
Serperior is Naive

I am also playing on normal mode

oh shit i just now caught that i didnt put abilities for my last 4 pokemon

Swampert has Torrent
D. Frostlass has Competitive
Magnezone has Sturdy
Serperior has Overgrow

Mega Delta Venusaur is an excellent Calm Mind user, but changing Mega is your choice. The set I could propose is, althoug the Nature is not that important, the Ability is mostly useless here:

Venusaur-Delta @ Delta Venusaurite
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 240 HP / 244 Def / 24 Spe
Bold Nature
-Draining Kiss/Moonblast
-Hidden Power Fire/Psyshock
-Calm Mind
-Moonlight / Focus Blast

If you want a different Mega Evolution, the choices are very numberous. Mega Delta Typhlosion is terrific under New Moon or Rain, Mega Kangaskan is absolutely BROKEN, the two Mega Charizard are awesome as a Dragon Dancer for Charizard X or Wallbreaker for Charizard Y, Mega Gardevoir can break most walls, Mega Lopunny is very good, Mega Typhlosion is hard to stop, Mega Ferraligatr is a dangerous sweeper, Mega Flygon is both fast and has increadible sound based moves and Mega Delta Metagross is very strong and quite fast. There is so much more options, but those are my mentions.


If you go to the Friend Safary, you can find some Servines that have the ability Contrary. Thus, the Special Attack boosting Leaf Storm is a possible option and is what I would recommend. The player " Roachy " has Servine in its safari. Little tip, use a Timid Synchronise user in order to have more chance to have a Timid Nature. This is my suggested set:

Serperior @ Leftovers
Ability: Contrary
EVs: 56 HP / 200 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
-Leaf Storm
-Dragon Pulse
-Glare / Leach Seed

So about what to remove… It depends.

Of course, you could always demand me to make a perfectly crafted team that remove 5 Pokémon from your party but who am I do decide that? Always keep in mind those are suggestions and not orders.

Your Delta Roserade is good, I do perfer to use Noctem than use moves to setup weather, but it’s fine. I don’t like having both New Moon and Mega Delta Venusaur. It is viable due to the limited weather turns, but still.

I think that Swampert could be switched. There are a lot of good water and ground types out there. If you have a Timid Delta Hydreigon like you said, that’s a jackpot! Good water types out there are but are not limited to: Starmie, Delta Haxorus, Protean Greninja and Gyarados. Moreover, I have crafter a Gyarados Set that allow you to single handedly defeat 1 and an half member (Kyla gets annihilated and Eduard has a difficulty).

Delta Frostlass, without its Mega Evolution, has some difficulties. Competitive is not bad per say, but without its main reason of being used (Defog and Intimidate) being very proeminant, it is less usefull than it seems during Late Game. If you are looking for good Fire types, there are few good choices. Mega Charizard (X and Y), Gale Wing Talonflame, Deta Chandelure, Regular Chandelure, Speed Boost Blaziken, Volcarona, Infernape and Mega Typhlosion are your best bet. Delta Liligand can work too.

I personally don’t really like Magnezone without Magnet Pull. What I would propose you is your Detla Gallade, a Choice Scarf variant:

Delta Gallade @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Volt Absorb
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly nature
-Wild Charge
-Icicle Crash
-Brick break / Stone Edge

This set will allow you to hit as fast and as hard as possible. Choice Scarf allow it to outspeed Pokémon usually faster than it and beat them. It can beat quite a lot of Dragon types that are very popular during the mid-late game. For Steel types, Delta Luxray, Aegislash, Scizor, Delta Haxorus, Delta Typhlosion, Bisharp, Excadrill (use Mold Breaker if you don’t have Sand Stream in your team) and Lucario.

Tell me if you want to change anything, I can help you just a last tip: always carry Taunt for the elite 4.

Nice as always Peter H.

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…well i did not expect that big of a response.

These are all good suggestions, though. sadly, I don’t have a timid delta hydregion. I do have a naughty nature one, though. Nothing a couple hours at the pokepon can’f fix, though.

I was using a Delta Chandlure before Delta Frostlass, funnily enough. I mostly stopped because of me having three fairy types, including that one. I assume there not alot of poison/steel types that ground or other types cant handle, though.

The delta axew line is good from what i used, personally. And I would of used more if i didn’t already have a Magnezone. And getting rid of Magnezone would get rid of my answer to flying types, which seems like a bad idea.

I do plan on atleast using Delta Hydregon and Delta Chandlure, though. I do want to get rid of someone for Delta Haxurus or Delta Liligant, though. If i use Delta Liligant, itll be my water and fire type, which might not be the smartest of ideas, but oh well.

And sadly, i cannot use a delta gallade, as cool as that would be. I accidently killed it with a Delta Ambipom fake out, not knowing it would kill it in one shot. If there are friend safaris with them, or if someone would give me one, that would be pretty cool.

I am known around here for making a big posts like those. Don’t get me wrong, Delta Frostlass is usable, but has trouble without her Mega.

If you are looking for good anti-flying mesures, I could recommend the rotom forms, Thundurus, Luxray to some extend, the absolutely monstrous Armored Tyranitat (I swear, do not sleep in it), Gigalith, Delta Gardevoir/Gallade. Rock Slide Excadrill works too. Magnezone is stil a very viable Pokémon, don’t get me wrong. I just prefer using something else when not having Magnezone as a dedicated Andti-Steel.

ah, i get ya. My main problem with delta frostlass was that it just could not take a hit or outspeed anything at all. but, i was also like 10 levels behind the important fights so take that with a grain of salt. I’ll keep delta frostlass for now, because i was planning on grinding to level 90 or so before the elite four anyways. The main thing im wondering now is who do i replace for Delta Haxorus. My brains going delta venosaur so that i can have the mega delta frostlass on the team, but i dunno.

That’s an option, but Mega Delta Venusaur can do 50% of most important battle by itself. Mega Delta Froslass has a good potential, I never tried her before so i can’t say. I would recommend this set:

Delta Froslass @ Delta Froslassite
Ability: Competitive
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
-Firery Dance / Fire Blast / Flamethrower
-Shadow Ball
-Dazzling Gleam / Earth Power
-Will-o-Wisp / Substitute

Edit: Oh :poop: you really need a ground immunity at least. You will be stacking many Ground type weaknesses. I would really recommend using Moxie Gyarados, you basically use Gyarados and sudently 1/2 of the E4 instantly loose to you.

oh i didnt even think about the ground types. yeah i would get bodied by them if i didnt have a good ground counter. yeah im gonna try and get that gyarados.

as for the mega situation, i think im just gonna stay with mega delta venosaur. hasn’t really lead me astray yet, and its bulky and strong.

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sadly, it seems to be hard to get hidden ability pre-e4. so either i grind for a friend safari, or i just suck it up and do intimidate gyrados, which i feel like doing.

Trust me, do the friend safari thing at least for one Gyarados, you can have more than one if you want. I have a set for you, I call it the Elite Breaker:

Gyarados @ Mystic Water
Ability: Moxie
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
-Custom Move [Grass]
-Dragon Dance

Alright, this set is made only to destroy the Elite 4. This set can make you beat both Kyla and Eduard without using any other Pokémon. Let’s talk about how it goes:


Lead with Gyarados and use Taunt to avoid Smeargle to use any of its 4 status move. Then, use Dragon Dance once or twice. Having 81 base speed and having the maximum speed possible, Gyarados is 1 base speed baster than Kyla’s Blaziken and allow to outspeed it even with a turn of Speed Boost if you do a Dragon Dance. I highly recommend you to have 31 Speed IVs to make sure it works at +1. Custom Move [Grass] will allow you to hit Mega Slowbro for supper effective damage. Moxie is important here because Smeargle having an attack drop is useless and Moxie allow Gyarados to get enough attack boost to OHKO Mega Slowbro and Sylveon.


Turn one, use Dragon Dance while Hiddpodown use Stealth Rock. To prevent Whirlwind, use Taunt turn two. Turn Three, use Dragon Dance as Eduard switch for Rotom-W. As you are at +2 Attack and Speed, you can outspeed even Choice Scarf variant and OHKO even defensive variant with Custom Move [Grass]. The rest of the team is OHKO by Waterfall, including Mega Cacturne, thanks to Moxie. With +2 Speed, you can outspeed any Pokémon except one, Excadrill. However, if the Excadrill is not Jolly, Timid, Naive or Hasty (and Exadrill is probably Adamant), you will outspeed it.

And that’s it! 2 E4 member who cannot fight back against that Gyarados. As I said, it is just a suggestion.