Team Help for 3rd Gym (East)

I’m stuck on the East fight. I am playing on Normal mode. My current team is:

  1. Riolu lv48 - Force Palm, Copycat, Screech, Reversal
  2. D. Grimer lv41 - Sand Tomb, Earthquake, Sandstorm, Magnitude
  3. Azumarill lv44 - Double-Edge, Play Rough, Aqua Ring, Bubble Beam
  4. D. Vensaur lv52 - Tackle, Draining Kiss, Psybeam, Moonblast
  5. Golem lv42 - Magnitude, Earthquake, Smack Down, Self-Destruct
  6. D. Gardevoir lv45 - Shock Wave, Ice Beam, Thunder Shock, Ice Shard

I know I need to level up more but my entire team gets wiped fast. Any help?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Note: I can’t spell

First thing you should do is evolve Riolu by leveling up during the day, evolve delta Grimer, and evolve Graveler (there is a lady in the black market who can do trade evos).


Just evolve Gardevoir and spam ice beam and thunderbolt or thundershock worked for me on all difficulties. Also maybe give Gardevoir a magnet to boost it’s electric type moves


This is the second case of a Riolu in the 40’s I’ve seen on these forums in the past week.
I know friendship evolution can be infuriating but that thing needs to be evolved to be viable.

Actually half your team is un-evolved.
Graveler can be evolved using the Witchdoctor, an old woman in the Black Market who provides a trade evolution service.

D. Gardevoir is an East broom, you can probably wipe him out by spamming thunderbolt and Ice Beam on that thing the whole time and give it either a Magnet or a Nevermeltice to boost either it’s ice or electric moves. I went with the Magnet. That’s how I did it on Normal mode.

Still, I would swap D. Grimer which is pretty useless against flying types (they’re immune to most of that move set) for either another electric type or another ice type, I had a Raichu but a Feraligatr (Totodile is on route 2) should also be good candidate as it learns Ice Fang as a Crocanaw just to name one suggestion.

Technically you can set Grimer up with Graveler’s Smack Down but that’s a bit tedious.

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Delta Muk can be very helpful. It has a nice Movepool, with rock slide, stone edge and a very nice Gunk Shot. It also gets fire punch, minimize (hecc broken) and very nice abilities in Sap Sipper (neglects a weakness) Regurtitation (extra damage) and Water Absorb (Hidden but extremely useful). Dont neglect my sandy boi. Also Gunk Shot DUNKS Altaria, and even if it cotton guards, 30% poison cant be slept on.

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Rock Slide and Stone Edge are definitely good flying type grounders. Gunk Shot is good as well.
Although I didn’t have the resources in this case, I however, usually like to tank Alterias with a Moonblast from a Slyveon. Usually a OHKO, so was Ice Beam though.

But the current moveset on the OP’s Grimer won’t touch East. That’s what I meant.

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Oh, yeah. He’d need to change the whole moveset. It lost Minimize, which is its main gimmick so the only thing you could do to help it would be teach Gunk and Rock Tomb, which are available in Helios City itself, but Golem would work just as fine.

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Evolving your rioulu with sooth bell & bike, evolving grimer would help first of all. Delta Gardevoir gets calm mind so you might get it later or might have missed it. At 53 Gardevoir get t-bolt & the gym has around lvl 50 pokemon. Try to replace tackle on Venasaur it is not the best move, you have the return TM from beating Nora in the school so it would help since you must use your Venasaur the most (judging by the lvl) Training with Elder Clint Eastwood in memory chamber in dexnav or secret base lvl trainer are your best options. For defeating East itself, ice beam destroys the noivern, gliscor & altaria, t-bolt or shock wave can beat skarmary & talonflame but golem can one shot talonflame if at a decent level, for gliscor you use ice beam as stated above/earlier. Noivern has focus sash so be careful to not get hit with flamethrower when using ice beam. If talonflame uses roost it gets rid of it’s flying type for a few turns and grimer/muk will be able to use E-quake or bulldoze for GOOD damage. Sorry for the long answer & good luck :smiley:

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Nice sum, but roost only last till the end of the turn, so the only way to catch it with EQ is with a SICK READ (at least in gen 8). Just pointing out, everything else is very useful.

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First thing, if you don’t have a secret base already you should buy one. The move relearner lets you teach any move in it’s moveset regardless of level and the level and EV trainer are really helpful.

Riolu should be evolved asap. If you plan on running a special set on Lucario, teach Riolu Nasty Plot before you evolve it.

D. Grimer desperately needs some coverage, because 3 ground moves isn’t doing you any favors. Honestly though, it’s completely redundant with your Golem and doesnt have that good of a moveset outside of TM’s and Tutor moves, so maybe think about replacing this one. Perhaps look at picking up a flying or ghost type for some extra immunities. This would also give you a potential hazard remover too.

Azumarill should be taught Aqua Tail/ Aqua Jet over Bubble Beam and probably Super Power over Double Edge.

I am going to assume D. Venusaur is your mega. You should honestly be able to Hubris sweep 66% of East’s team with ease. It should have Psychic over Psybeam. Draining Kiss isn’t necessary with Moonblast and it has better recovery options in Moonlight and Leech Seed. Tackle does nothing for you. I would recommend replacing it with Taunt for the time being, which you should have picked up as a TM on the route prior. D. Venusaur should outspeed his lead Skarmory as long as you don’t have a negative nature and taunting it makes it literally useless since it only has status moves.

Golem learns stealth rocks at 42, which would do quite well against East in particular and break sashes. This should replace magnitude.

D. Gard should be taught Thunderbolt over Shockwave and Thundershock should be replaced by Calm Mind. Usually I would recommend Livewire, but they nerfed it into the ground since the last time I played.

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I just use d Charizard and 1hit everything

If you are struggling on evolving riolu I evolved mine by leveling it at talking to it by going infront and pressing x and it was at lev 27

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