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Team building (3rd gym)

I was wondering if there was any way to make my team stronger without too much grinding.I want to incorperate LordPumpkin(My Gengar it has been my starter for most of the game(My real starter Delta squrtle is still in my box)) in the team somehow.
LordPumpkin: Gengar, lvl 29, Impish Nature,no item,Levitate. Attacks: Hypnosis, Shadow ball, Draco haunt (Custom Move,Dragon type), And Sucker punch.
image2 (2)

Torch : Talonflame (also Btw Personal fave mon. EDIT: i forgot to mention i changed the sprite for talonflame thats why it looks different.), Lvl 36, mild nature, no item, Flame body, Attacks: Flame charge, roost, razor wind, natural gift.

Demyx :(Btw i LOVE this mon’s sprite, Whoever made it deserves credit and ALOT of it) Delta ludicolo, Lvl 36, Adamant nature, no item, Magic bounce, attacks: Accupressure, psyshock, Rain dance, Stored power.

Dunebuster: Flygon, lvl 45, Relaxed nature, flygonite (Found out the hard way that i need a key ring or something like that), Levitate, Attacks: Bug buzz, dragon claw, Dragon breath, ancient roar.

Crikey : krookodile, lvl 40, lonely nature, no item, moxie, attacks: swagger, Crunch, Dig and foul play.

Thundervolt : electabuzz, lvl 59, naughty nature, no item, static, attacks: Thunder punch, thunderbolt, Low kick, flash.

Well, you could EV Train or nax all your IVs, but just focusing all you attacks in one stat helps. Gengar wants mostly special attacks like Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb. Same with Flygon, which wants Drakon Voice, Boomburst, Fire Blast, and Earth Power/Bug Buzz most of the time. Ludicolo should drop Stored Power and Rain Dance for Ice Beam/Shadow Ball and get an actual attacking water move. The rest are physical attackers, but on Talon, Natural Gift should probably go, as should Razor Wind. Also, get EQ over Dig ASAP on Krook. Electabuzz isn’t great, but it can run anything and be decent, as long as it isnt 4 electric moves.

ty for the advice!