Team Build Help + Last Mon?

So… I’m having trouble with the Elite Four, and dumped one of my team members. So I’m looking for general refinement + reccomendations for a last team member.

D. Charizard - Delta Charizardite - Timid - Spirit Call/Noctem - Level 91
HP: 23 Attack: 1 Defense: 25 Sp. Atk: 25 Sp. Def: 30 Speed: 26
Lunar Cannon, Draco Jet (probably gonna replace), Dark Matter, Endeavor (also gonna replace)

Volcanrona - Charcoal - Relaxed - Flame Body - Level 92
HP: 31 Attack: 31 Defense: 18 Sp. Atk: 26 Sp. Def: 26 Speed: 4
Heat Wave, Quiver Dance, Psychic (Coverage), Bug Buzz

Azumarill - Leftovers - Adamant - Huge Power - Level 103
Full IVs
Aqua Jet, Play Rough, Belly Drum, Permafrost (probably replace?)

Dragonite - King’s Rock (eh…) - Naive - Inner Focus - Level 94
HP: 29 Attack: 30 Defense: 22 Sp. Atk: 3 Sp. Def: 31 Speed: 29
Outrage, Focus Punch, Roost, Fly

Serperior - Miracle Seed - Naughty - Contrary - Level 93
HP: 2 Attack: 24 Defense: 23 Sp. Atk: 12 Sp. Def: 12 Speed: 24
Toxic, Wring Out (gonna replace), Giga Drain, Leaf Storm

So, I know I’m not really good at these team builds, but… Yeah. So, primarily looking for a last mon, but team help in general is def helpful!

Edit: I do have Mew and Giratina, and do have access to Thunderus, so…

blaziken with air balloon and sword dance might be of use

A few comments regarding your team in general:

  1. Your Delta Charizard’s moves are weird compared to the other ones I’ve seen, but I can’t comment since I don’t use it.

  2. You have 2 Dragon-Types, which I don’t recommend.

  3. I love Volcarona and use it a lot, and honestly, Giga Drain is an extremely useful and powerful move to have, as you can not only annihilate Ground-Types and Water-Types but also heal up when you need to.

  4. You should consider running Mega Hydreigon instead of Delta Charizard.

  5. Try using Electrivire (the one you can trade for early on). I’ve found it to be extremely useful and powerful.

Delta Volcarona has access to many moves: Dark Pulse, Sludge Wave, Spacial Rend, Hyperspace Hole, Aura Sphere and toxic spikes. Wouldn’t recommend FP on dragonite, maybe replace w Thunder Punch. You might also want an EQ user and some type of ice move as well as an electric move. Two dragon types is really helpful - they are only supereffective on other dragons, and you already have azumarill to cover for that. I say scrap the dragonite. Delta Gallade is also a strong physical attacker that can replace dragonite: Thunder Punch, Icicle Crash, Swords Dance or T Wave, and maybe psycho cut for coverage.