Team advice

Hello everyone, i was thinking about making a new team around Mega-Spiritomb and using Trick Room (don’t know if its worth it or not, really don’t care :stuck_out_tongue: ). Need some advices to cover the weakness of the team.

Actual team (not the official):

-Spiritomb -Bronzong -Magcargo -Dragalge

Maybe not the best composition, but i’m out of ideas. Really need some ideas to cover up the lack of types.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you are going to use a Trick Room team, Mega Reuniclus is a must. Not having to manually set Trick Room is a huge advantage. Spiritomb and Magcargo aren’t worth keeping. Cofagrigus is better on Trick Room teams because of its ability to set Trick Room and act as a setup sweeper while Magcargo is just plain garbage. Cofagrigus, Dragalge, and Mega Reuniclus round out the special side of your team pretty well. Conkeldurr is a good physical Trick Room partner, because it provides powerful physical attacks, beats Pokemon which threaten Reuniclus, has pretty good bulk, and has Mach Punch to clean up if Trick Room is down or beat other priority users.

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I really appreciate your advice. Still testing compositions, but i would like to try Reuniclus.