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Teach some moves to my mons

Trading Name: Kafkinos

Offer: Tell me in the comments

Request: Teach my riolu swords and Ice punch(or shadow claw, think it is still a tm) and teach my dellta shiftry thunderbolt ( and flamethrower if possible)

Further info: These changes will help my team a lot!
I can offer ya some bredmons from my other save IF needed

I can help. When will you be available?

Now @Luke_Lade, btw, someone already taught my shiftry these moves.

Alrighty then, give me a sec to boot everything up.

Sure, u also happen to have the psychic tm? My espeon does not have any psychic moves rn. Also my riolu evolved btw

Orion is giving me a very hard time at hard mode and these changes will help a lot! @Luke_Lade , thanks for helping me

Oh, no problem. I’m sending a trade request right now. I’m also sending back the Venusaurite that you gave.

Y tho

U got it yourself I guess?

That would make sense

How was mega venu btw?

It was pretty good, stalling everyone to death. Although Cradily does a better job somehow .w.

Wow, lol

Thick Fat really helps

Yeah, but cradily has access to both stockpile and rest. Plus the great defenses and Hp, once you set up it’s unstoppable.


I logged in btw

What was your name again?


Okie, I am sending request