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TCG Deltas: Meowth

And so it begins… my quest to create deltas based on the cards form the TCG. well, Why not start with an Evil Kitty?Type: Dark/Steel- - - -Ability:keen eye/Ebonize(H/A)(makes all normal moves into dark moves)


I like it. Very nice design too. The ability is a cool concept

I like the concept design, the only thing I would redo is Meowths tail as it doesn’t totally fit in. Also I would make the outline of the tail a bit lighter at some points.

The end of his tail is meant to be a pipe. Y’know, like a steel pipe. When I get the chance I’ll add a sheen to it.

We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile!

He meant this part. And it looks in a bad entry point.

Oh, okay. I’ll fix it later today, when I post Persian

By the way, what set is this from?

EX Holon Phantoms

I like the evil meowth persian thing, it remindes me of dr. claw’s evil cat.

I wish that was in the game if it was i wanted it to be called the terminator pokemon or terminator cat pokemon

bro i had the meowth card