Talk pls

Talk with yours truly pt. 2

umm theres already a topic for that?

Can you shiny hunt D.ralts? @IndianAnimator


name price?

shiny delta or 3 shinies

well, nvm…

How about. Two shinies an 2 IV stones? @IndianAnimator

sorry to barge in but i can give 3 shinies, can youhant a delta char

iv stone r ez to get

im already hunting 5 shinies

ok…no pressure, just curious, how many resets on the giritina

for me ? not that much i woke at 3 am in my time so i just decided to start, 1764 within 2 hours.

i can shiny hunt delta charmander for you. @one_above_all

what would you want for it

same price you gave indianAnimator

ok… thx

:+1: i will message you when i get it.

no prob