Taking a look at Mega Donphan

Aight People, welcome to the segment, where I voice my opinion on the internet only to get bashed 10 minutes later.

Mega Donphan is a monster, and there’s no denying it.


Mega Donphan… Is a god damn monster. The ability it has, “Irrelephant” (Badum tchh Nice one developers), makes it so overpowered monsters like Talonflame tremble under it’s power. With a godly Attack and Defense stat in the 150s, rivalling Groudon’s attack and Mega Metagross’ Defense, Donphan’s job is clear. Wreck things. Special Attacking Donphans are possible, but are very hard to pull because of the weak 60 BST in special attack and the same applies for it’s godly awful speed stat of 50. The Special Defense of this tank is a well-rounded 100 (around Mega-Rayquaza’s Special Defense) and gets access to Gunk Shot, so Ferrothorn gets destroyed easily. Superpower can get useful when facing of Ghost/Dark types when no fairy types are available. The Greatest downfall of M-Donphan is it’s horrendous speed. This is where Ice shard comes in handy and can offer a priority attack to damage to opponent with it’s 150 base attack stat. The ability can also allow for a reliable roar-rapid spinner ghost types now take neutral damage.

Now let’s get rrrriiiiiiigggghhhhttttt into the movesets.

Physical War Machine: {EVs: Attack:252, Defense:252, Special Defense:4}

  • Earthquake (Keeps all the Pokemon at bay, except levitators, STAB)
  • Superpower (After one Superpower, both Attack and Defense drop to 100 [base-stat-wise])
  • Poison Jab/Gunk shot (Poison Jab for accuracy, GS for power)
  • Ice Shard (Priority +1)
  • Possibly Heavy Slam (to light Pokemon)
  • Seed Bomb (To keep Water Pokemon at Bay)

Mega Donphan’s Earthquake will almost guarantee a nice amount of damage (25% Hp Damage to a Mega Aggron 30-40% if crit) The only Pokemon immune to Earthquake’s wrath is levitators. Poison-type levitators are the ones that can counter Donphan as Donphan cannot touch them and as they resist most offensive options for Donphan.

Spin-Dasher [Lead] (EVs: Defense:252, Special Defense:252, Attack:4)

  • Rapid Spin
  • Roar/Toxic
  • Stealth Rocks
  • Earthquake/Knock Off

This Lead-Spinner can be utilized to set-up and counter common Lead Pokemon such as Skarmory with EQ as well as setting-up on it’s own rocks. Knock off can be used to ruin light-clay users. The biggest weakness for Spinphan are Magic Bouncers are they can send Roars, Toxics and Rocks directly back and harming it instead.

Physical Sponge (EVs: Attack:252, Defense:252, Special Defense:4)

  • Counter
  • Earthquake
  • Rest
  • Sleep Talk

This set is quite situational compared to the other sets. Counter is used to return damage taken (situational as not many good players will try to physically attack a god damn mega donphan) and EQ is there for damage with the STAB. Rest is used as it does not get access to other reliable recovery moves and sleep talk is used Attack during sleep.

Final Words

Mega Donphan is a complete monster and there’s no denying it. Earthquake makes it a complete war machine for those who do not levitate.

Extra: Feel Free to bash/comment/suggest other things down in the comments! Feedback is much appreciated as I am not exactly the best player :stuck_out_tongue:


You forgot Seed Bomb.

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You’re RIGHT! Can’t Believe I forgot that!

Ferrothorn is one of the best checks to this thing. Steel is immune to poison.

Sadly there aren’t a lot of special attackers that can take a hit from this guy. Starmie CAN do damage, but gets 1shot by seed bomb, and doesn’t take it down from full health. There aren’t any real checks aside from Ferrothorn (and that is only when Donphan doesn’t carry Superpower, which imo, it shouldn’t do, as you can just have something for ferrothorn in another poke) so it’s pretty difficult to stop it. It’s ability is what makes it broken. It makes it so would-be checks like Skarmory and Talonflame aren’t checks, they get destroyed completely. The ability needs to be changed or it’s gonna go straight to ubers.

no, because of Irrelephant, ferrothorn WILL get killed by a poison jab or gunk shot. So I think it’s going straight to ubers. The best counter is Gengar (not mega) as Donphan cannot touch it with it’s moves.

Oh damn, you are right. I can’t believe they got that thing through testing.

Please refrain from creating new accounts just to have them agree with your original post.

Who is this referring to, may I ask?

The original poster and his now deleted secondary accounts

Ah ok. Will we see some changes to Mega Donphan anytime soon, by the by?

In fact, it seems that Gengar is the sole counter to MDonphan, that’s ridiculous. To ubers you go donphan haha. MVenusaur seems like a check (somewhat) if it’s set up bulky enough to take hits (it’s going to have to). Also Rotom-Wash, but only if Donphan isn’t running Sbomb.

The only way this thing goes down is by sending in death fodders that widdle it down slowly, that’s pretty muc hit.