Switching Items/Pokemon Between Save files Service

Trading Name: iDarkWolf1753

Offer: Any Pokemon or item that you want to trade to your main save file. (Like let’s say, you failed Delta Ralts, you or me will start a new save file and trade it to me, where i will then trade it to your main save file).

Request: Nothing

Further info: Most of the time it’ll be you starting a new save file and retrying the failed one in a chance Pokemon, but sometimes, if you are too busy I’ll start a new save file instead of you.

Hi there!

I would like to hire your service.

Yeah, sure! What do you need? @Revenant

I want to switch a bunch of pokemon (like 15 or more) from my first save. Is that too much to ask?

No that’s not too much to ask. Can you be on right now? And what’s your username?

Username: Revenant Yes, I’m online right now

K then. Username : iDarkWolf1753 (It was listed above but just in case).

Do you have discord?

Yes. It’s Revenant, same as my trading name

K let’s go their since it’s easier to trade their.

Ok then

Could you guide me through the process, Its the first time i trade

Yeah sure just do a random message in the Pokemon Insurgence Discord so I know your there already.

On generaldiscussion?


Give me 2 minutes.

incase you need help trading

Reply again on discord.

I would like to use this, i would like to start a new game however I want to transfer my thundurus and my team from my other save file to my main save file.

Actually message me later might be going soon