Switch the bag and pokemon commands?

Backstory: I played Pokemon Red on the game boy color back when I was a little kid. Then I lost interest in pokemon until X&Y came out, and then Sun & Moon, and that’s it. I thought I’d try out Insurgence, and I really enjoy it… but something was bothering me. Nothing big, it’s just that my muscle memory, when wanting to change out my pokemon would have me selecting my bag, and when I wanted an item I’d select my pokemon command in battle. I was so confused by this, until I looked up what the original Pokemon Red battle menu looked like, and I find out Insurgence flipped the locations of the Bag and Pokemon commands in battle.

Is there a way to flip them back? It’s a small thing but I’m still always selecting the wrong option in battle and changing my muscle memory, ingrained into me in my childhood, is weirdly difficult.

i doubt there is an option to change something that specific
gl getting used to it