Sweet Scent and the Honey Quest

For starters, Sweet Scent cannot be used outside of battle, period. To most, It wouldn’t be an issue, for the usage of the move is next to none, but to have the option and lie to the player feels sloppy. If the bug is fixed, the Quest in Suntouched City where you have to get Honey for the old man and his garden could have an alternate solution with Sweet Scent, rewarding players who have it during that time of the game, instead of just needing honey.

You can already get honey via route 3 as soon as you beat the gym leader in the city. The NPC even hints towards it’s location. Plus, it’s a much more situational move for obtaining a delta compared to others. Delta Tentacool required headbutt, which was able to be taught via Gaea town which was extremely easy to obtain by the tutor in Gaea town. Delta seedot was obtainable as long as you had any electric type attack. As for obtaining sweet scent, it completely lacks a tutor anywhere in the game. Additionally, the majority of pokemon that learn the move are grass types, which is fine until you realize every pokemon in suntouched gym strong against grass. Plus, you don’t even use the honey yourself in the quest. You hand it to the man who then uses it in a cutscene.