Surplus breeding pokemon

Trading Name: Sicarius

Offer: Froakie and Kabuto

Request: Nothing

Further info: I have a bunch of leftover Froakie and Kabuto from trying to get a perfect female for egg moves. The Froakie are timid protean, and the Kabuto are jolly swift swim. All of them have 5 perfect ivs, and are male. Thought that I might as well give them away instead of just releasing them.

i’ll take one of those froakies if you got any left! trading name is Tahu. You wanna do it on the discord?

can i get a female froakie

All I’ve got is males, sorry. Also, the trade servers seem to be down right now, the status tab says major outage and my game crashes every time I try to go online, so it might be some time before I can actually trade

Can I get one of each pls True_DK is trade name

The server seems to be back up, so I’m able to trade now. I’ll be online for a few hours now, just send a request to trade.

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