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Super Smol Problem. (I more)

So my Reshiram was tanking thru everyone right, and i’ve found this random thing something relic which sold for 100000 which was a lot for a starter playthrough right? so i got cocky and tried to catch entai (the legendary lava dog) which then he crits me and i die. I start crying then quickly close out the tab (when i lost the battle, he was my only pokemon.) So do i restart (dumb question YES.) R.i.P Srikar. I loved you, i loved you i never had such a connection to my pokemon before like this, and if i ever find another Reshiram, i’ll name it Srikar in memory of you. I never knew how much a Randomizer nuzlocke hurt. my heart felt like jelly and i couldn’t really breathe. after about 10 attempts ( You were my best run). Also im really not exaggerating, anxiety be like that sometimes. (You can get really really really emotional about such small things.)


RIP srikar. Sometimes it be like that in nuzlockes

Srikar R.I.P (did you know Srikar was based on the real name of the user: Indiananimator?)

Not a clue, I’m not active on here very often

im bad at making names LOL, what should my first starter be called for the 11th time ? yknow what they say the 11th times the charm :smiley: im ready.

Classic saying, and that depends on what the pokemon is

ah alright!!! Tell you when i get one.

I usually name things base on appearance. Like my starter driflblim I got i named hinden, in reference to the hindenburg tragedy. Its a little dark but I thought it first well

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Yes i see smart choice

I was proud of it. I never nickname pokemon

Me neither

To me thats the hardest part of a nuzlocke, and I barely ever do them

ikr. getting attached is so hard.

lol i found metagrossite and D.Volcarona armor in telnor town

Its not even that, its the fact that I don’t want to give it a shitty nickname and I struggle coming up with good ones

i dont worry too much. i named that pinecone pokemon, Subcribe pls


I know, but if I’m gonna nickname it I at least want to like the name I pick and those are cool finds btw

can you sell those for cash tho?

nope cant sell mega stones