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Sup Everyone!

Yooo everyone, its DRK here, I didn’t get the chance to name myself as that, cuz my in game trading name is DRK6969, anyways im really new 'round here, and even im new to this game lol. Till now, I have just gotten to the Midna town, sooo ya im pretty new. Anyways glad to be here in this forum, looking forward to more stuff in the game and here!


Hi DRK, I’m PeterHolmes74. I’ve completed the game in Hard mode and I’m currently attempting a No Faint Challenge, which I am failing right now.

If you ever need teambuilding ideas, just ask me! I’m also making two series on this forum. The first is Competitive Trainer School where I cover some basics of competitive Pokémon and Analyzed, where I discuss about the viability of given Pokémon, giving some sets suggestions and team ideas.

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Peter Holmes74 please help since u completed the challenge I’ve passed the elite four nd did not take the hiking boots nd wen I went bck she was no longer the so were else can I get them or wich pokemon can i use


Wait, who was no longer there?

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Welcome to the Forums!

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