Suggestions for the rest of my team?

I just arrived in Utira Town, and figured I should try to flesh the rest of my team out. Current team is:

Delta-Zard lv 52
Timid nature
-Dragon Pulse
-Shadow Ball
-Dragon Breath
-Confuse Ray

Delta-Gardevoir lv 50
Timid Nature
-Shock Wave
-Ice Beam
-Calm Mind
-Double team

Gallade lv 50
Jolly Nature
-Swords dance
-Psycho cut
-Fighting custom move
-Leaf Blade

I’d like to keep these 3 on the team, and build around any weaknesses. Also have as little type overlapping as possible.

A good Fairy could be annoying to fight with this team, maybe some Steel and/or Poison mons?

Perhaps gengar from the library?

For steel types I have Magnemite and Sheildon, and could evolve a Drilbur to Excadrill, Which of those do you think would be best?

Delta snornlax could be good if you’re in the market for a tanky grass type. WIth thick fat negating its weakness to ice and fire moves (which I find are somewhat common coverage moves) it only has a weakness to bug and flying moves, which granted gives it a shared weakness with gallade. However, bug and flying moves I’ve found are mostly seen on bug and flying pokemon, which d. snorlax can hit supereffectively thanks to it’s access to multiple rock-type coverage moves, though it seems only rock tomb is available pre e4. d. snorlax also learns synthesis to keep it topped off on health and if recoil from wood hammer gets you down, seed bomb can be learned from a move tutor once you reach selene city. If you decide to go this route I would reccomend leveling up .d munchlax until it learns yawn, before letting it evolve.

On route 9 you can catch a delta combee which are always female and therefore can always evolve. d. vepiqueen is a steel/fire type and has levitate leaving it only weak to fighting and water, and can act as a tanky brawler, especially on the physical side given that it is well suited to dishing out burns. Though it does occur to me that there is a detour in miara town so you can’t go direclty to route 9 after ultira town.

Of those 3, Excadrill all the way.
Magnezone is cool but kinda slow, Bastiodon isn’t worth the effort (although extremely cool).

Excadrill is fast, especially in sandstorm, and hits like a truck.

Was looking through the delta list on the wiki for some possible additions and saw that a delta axew could be obtained in the next town. If there aren’t any story obstructions to stop me, would the water/steel haxorus be a good addition? The delta Snorlax isn’t a bad idea either @Arrok.

I’ve been using d. snorlax for like half my playthorugh and it’s been a house. There arent any story obstructions to gettind d. haxorus that I can think of once you get to the town. D. haxorus is undeniably strong as an offensive pokemon and makes a good fairy check and devent revenge killer because of it’s access to priority moves. That being said my personal experience with D. haxorus is it dying to earthquake more than I would like, so I stopped using it. Given that you don’t have any other ground weakess on your team I’d say to give it a shot.

Since you are in Utira town, Get the delta Budew in the library because it is AMAZING and you can also get D. Luxray/D. Vespiquen/D. Haxorus. All have steel type and they are really good.