Suggestion for my team

Do you have a suggestion for me? In my team i have: -Delta Charizard -Delta Scizor -Delta Roserade -Delta Muk -Delta Typhlosion -Delta Bisharp (i would change this)

A suggestion with another Delta? I thought Delta Ludicolo, Delta Haxorus, Delta Volcarona, Delta Girafarig, Delta Ambipom. Please say for me also a nature


Your first team has a weakness to psychic due to the two fighting types on the team. So you could go for Delta Metragross (spider) will add bulk to team.

Your other team has a weakness to ground types so you could use, Delta Metagross (ruin) or Delta Aurorus (Grass/water).

I have no idea on natures I am afraid, but hope the rest helps.

For the first team, i don’t like delta Metagross (spider), he is so creepy, i think 2 pokemon instead at delta bisharp: delta volcarona or delta metagross (ruin)