Suggestion for a new item

I’ve been told before that suggestions at this point are unlikely to translate into actual changes in the game, but I thought this was still a decent idea in the off chance that it catches the eye of someone working in another game or something of the sort.

Breeding happens to be a bit intensive in terms of time and, at times, sanity. However, it is one of the fundamental parts of the game in my humble opinion. And I am willing to bet that among those of us who enjoy this mechanic, the majority have encountered the issue that I am about to bring up: Gender Rate.

Personally, I resent the fact that there are random species without any sensible reason to have such high disparity between the proportion of genders. So how about we introduce an item that doubles the chance of the offspring sharing the gender of the parent that holds it while in the daycare.

I believe it won’t be a solution that trivializes the task, or really makes that much of a difference most of the times. But in the current state, the player takes an obscene amount of psychic damage trying to pass down hidden abilities or even egg moves in starter pokémon or in other cases like Riolu, Amaura, Eevee, Zorua, among others.Therefore, my suggested item would not necessarily negate the gender disparity completely, but just make the field a bit more even for the species mentioned.

Generally, the male to female ratio is about 88/12 in those species, so the item would make it 76/24, which is a chance that is not nearly as “certain” as a 50/50. Off course, just like the Everstone, this item would likely come at the marginal cost of power items, so it’s not really free, but it gives soo much more control to the breeder.

Additional notes: In the 50/50 species I doubt that it would affect much save for very specific situations, so the effects on that regard are negligible. Also, the item could have an in-battle effect like making moves such as attract and captivate work on any pokémon (my opinion about abilities like Rivalry is not yet made, though I find it too influential), just to make it feel more intertwined in the game itself. Personally, I find that a simple and unassuming name like Ring of Pearls or Charming Doll wouldn’t be terrible ideas.


If I used this in my fangame…


That might be a good idea