Sucker Punch Breeding

Hi all.

First of all I would like to introduce myself. I am new to the community and hopefully I will get to fight you at some point.

I would like to post about a bug. I am trying to breed a pawniard (bisharp) with the attack Sucker Punch. The thing is, I got a Cacturne, learnt Sucker Punch and pass it to a Pawniard and afterwards I am using this Pawniard to breed a decent iv one. I know what I got to do perfectly, my pawniard is a male and it is defiant and adamant and I am breeding lots of Pawniards, I have been checking all of them and they all got Sucker Punch, but at some point, when time passes every single Sucker Punch is transformed into Torment and they all learn new moves that they didnt know before, metal claw and stuff like that.

I guess it is just a bug and has no solution but, can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

If the pokemon while in day care level up to a level where it learns a move, they forget the egg moves in insurgence. Level up a pawniard with sucker punch to around level 25 if you want to breed many pawniards.

But the moves change even in my computer.

I did that. The real problem is that when the “father” loses the movement everyone loses it. And it is always replaced by torment, that does not make sense.

So you are saying a baby not learning a move that doesn’t exist, makes no sense? and learning a move that exist also makes no sense?
Why are you breeding then?

In this case, the “father” is the one that passes down the move sucker punch. You deleted all the other moves using the move deleter except sucker punch.

While leveling up in the daycare, your male pawniard learns its level up learnset moves, that is scratch(at level 1), leer(level 2), Fury cutter(level 9), Torment(at level 14) and so on. It learns the first three without any issues because it has 3 empty move slots. When it learns torment, the move in the first slot(sucker punch) gets deleted. When that happens, the “father” no longer has sucker punch and doesn’t pass it down. Level up a pawniard with sucker punch to around level 25 and then breed.

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